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A website is a collection of web pages that contains vital information of an organization or individual. A website is very vital in the business world today, it's like "a business office" online. An office where people visit and get the information they need to do business. Buying and selling are carried out on most website nowadays.
There are various platforms in which a website is build on. People choose a particular website for various reasons - for security, for inter-interoperability, for cost, familiarity, etc. At Data Megathos, we build websites on ASP.NET, Umbraco, React, Laravel or WordPress. Also, the type of website matters - cooperate website, ecommerce website, or blogging website.

ASP.NET Website

ASP.NET is a platform, developed and manage by Microsoft, used to develop rich web applications. It is part of the .NET framework family and you can use C# or Visual Basic to develop web applications in ASP.NET

Some of the advantages of ASP.NET includes:

  • Very secure applications
  • Fast applications
  • Roboost
  • And great for developing large scale websites

WordPress Website

WordPress powers nearly one-third of the world’s websites, from small personal blogs to the complex sites. It is generally a content management system (CMS) and the most popular of all CMS.

The advantage of using WordPress are:

  • Cost effective
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Easy transition from a design to another
  • Integrated blog
  • User friendly

Laravel Website

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP web frameworks following the MVC (Model-View- Controller) pattern. It is one of the best frameworks for custom website development.

Some of the advantages of Laravel includes:

  • Integration with mail services
  • Reduced product development cycle
  • Fast web application
  • Login system

React.js Website

React.js is a JavaScript library use to develop rich and modern web app and mobile app applications. It is developed and managed by Facebook. React.js is one such Javascript library that has achieved massive popularity within the domain of online, web-based businesses and that too for a perfectly good reason.

Some of the advantages of React.js are:

  • Web page load speed
  • SEO friendly application
  • Easy migration
  • Boost in performance

Umbraco Website

Umbraco is a modern, scalable content management system that delivers a seamless experience across all devices. It is based on ASP.NET technology. It is a Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress.

Some of the advantages of Umbraco includes:

  • Very secure application
  • You have complete control of content management systems
  • Umbraco CMS has huge support community
  • The perfect way to search engine optimization

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