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Website Design

Your website is your chance to tell your story

A website is your chance to tell your story. It should be a reflection of your brand, and it should reflect the kind of person you are. Your website should be easy to navigate, as well as easy on the eyes—both in terms of design and content.

It's also a place where you can stay competitive, help you build your brand, and attract new customers. That's why we've made sure our designs have everything you need to succeed on the web.

We design websites mainly with two platforms:

  • WordPress Website Design

    This is the more affordable and fastest to develop your website. It's also their easiest for a non-techy client to work with. This website can be hosted in the cloud as well as in shared hosting.

  • Custom website design with React.js/Next.js

    This is more robust and more in-control website development amongst the two. It's also more expensive and more secure. We mainly deploy these website in the cloud, although shared hosting maybe considered.

Website Design Features

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website

A responsive website is a website that can adapt to any device screen size that's been used to view the website. You may view your website with your phone, tablet or laptop and it will adapt to their screen sizes and still have same appearance.

Every website we develop are responsive regardless of which platform (WordPress or React.js/Next.js) we use to develop it. We develop one website that fits all your devices regardless of their screen sizes.

Beautiful Website Design

Stand-Out Website

Apart from your website being responsive, your website also need to stand-out and look amazing in any device used to view it. The power of a website can be the difference between being left behind and being in front.

The more oustanding and amazing your website looks and feels to your customers, the more useful it will be. The look and feel of your website helps convey your brand identity.

SEO Optimized Website Design

SEO Enabled

An SEO-enabled website helps customers find you online easily. When customers search for terms that relate to your business in search engines (like Google), a good SEO-enabled website will be amongst the first to appear.

At Data Megathos, we build websites with SEO in mind. Every website we built is Search Engine Optimized. So our clients don't spend much on SEO of any website we built for them.

Web Hosting Providers for Website Designers

Domain and Website Hosting

Web hosting is optional. You may choose to host your website in which ever hosting company you prefer. Or you may allow us choose a hosting company for your website.

We either host your website on a cloud server or a shared hosting server. Cloud server is more efficient and reliable, but also more expensive at the long run. You may also purchase your domain in the hosting company or not.

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